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Friday, January 17, 2014

| twenty five |

Turning 25 was FUN! So fun, in fact, that I am doing it all over again this weekend. 
Early in the morning, I received phone calls from all the boys in my family, each wishing me the happiest day, and some even singing to me (thanks, Dad and Davey). I got packages in the mail from my friends back in Colorado, phone calls from high-school buddies now miles away from me, and text messages from all the sweet kids I used to babysit! In between meetings at work I was graced with the most beautiful bouquets of burlap-wrapped flowers (thank you, Rachel!) and wishes for a wonderful day from my colleagues. Come the afternoon, I was taken to a surprise sushi and wine-filled lunch with one of my best friends (thank you, Caroline!). I returned to the office (two hours later, mind you) feeling so enormously loved, lucky, and well, lushed. Work went by fast (thank you, sauvignon blanc) and I got to close out the day over a fancy dinner at Absinthe in Hayes Valley, one of my favorite little neighborhoods in the city. Ken spoiled me with oysters, martinis and wine, Cowgirl Creamery cheese (the best), an endive salad, potato-crusted salmon that tasted like magic, and German chocolate-coconut cake for dessert! Pretty incredible. Meanwhile, I had my sweet big sister and Mom checking in on me periodically, just to make sure I was smiling big and celebrating appropriately. 

Thank you, all! 

Dinner's menu at Absinthe.

Bloomthat beauties, courtesy of Rachel.
Pretties from sweet Caro.

Party dress! Yep, those are cats.
The most beautiful Cuyana bag from Ken. I've been lusting over this one for a while now.

An appropriate read, I think.

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