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Monday, November 25, 2013

| doin' it right |

I want to do this past weekend over again at least eight more times. It was that good. On Friday, Ken surprised me with tickets to a live show featuring my favorite artist since the day I learned how to work the radio. Van Morrison was a kick. I'm pretty sure I learned what rhythm is, and how to sing and dance while listening to 'Into the Mystic' on repeat as a kid. 

Saturday was stacked with family and an early bedtime. Really early. Like 8:30/9:00ish early.

Then came Sunday. We gave ourselves an early wake-up time, which involved heaping amounts of coffee. We showered, ate breakfast, and hit the road all before 10:30am. I'd like to consider us experts  in the 'daycation.' We followed the coast up North, stopping for a self-guided lighthouse tour, oyster snacking, and a visit to one of our favorite breweries for mason jars full of freshly hopped ale. 

This time next week I'll have an entirely new scenery at my desk on Mission St. 

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  1. Love these photos, Sammy! We live in such a beautiful part of the world. What's the name of the brewery? Might need to take a little daycation out there myself!