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Sunday, March 16, 2014

| sunday by the sea |

This weekend's weather demanded picnics in the park, rosé during the day, and a hike by the seashore. Just like that, we followed suite. It's Sunday night now and I'm writing to you with sunburned  ears and a little bit more of Half Moon Bay under my belt. The little coastal, Californian town is conveniently situated in between San Francisco and my before home. Every time, it feels like vacation.

Last week carried with it a few long days. This coming week will be a trip in and of itself. Tomorrow marks one year exactly since I lost my brother. When my heart starts to feel heavy, I'll remind myself of the simple beauty, and inescapable happiness, that exists in the simple practice of putting one foot in front if the other -- be it near the ocean or not. I'll remind myself that his view, everyday, is that same beach view I had today. We shared the same sun today, and that makes me happy.

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  1. I can hear your voice when I read this. Beautifully written. Wish I could have shared the same view with you two. xo