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Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Life, here you are again, having thrown yet another curveball.

If you know me, you know that I have an enormous love for kids. What I am doing in PR? Not sure. But for right now, that's irrelevant. 

I got news just a few days ago that the sweet boy I call family in Colorado, and who I share a birthday with, might be sick. Scary sick. Cancer sick. 

For a quick rendition of our deep background: This sweet boy's mom used to babysit me. Our moms are best friends. When I lived in Colorado, I helped babysit Cashill. The Ostler family was forever my home away from home.

Today I consider Alex one of my closest (and most brilliant) mentors, sister-like friend, and a seriously kick-ass mom. I've delivered a series of prayers to whomever may be listening up above. I wonder what is going through his curious boy's mind right now. Do the hospitals scare him? And for the parents, are their hearts on the floor with worry? Maybe. But you wouldn't know it. Alex is unfailingly keeping her huge group of family and friends regularly updated, and her baby comfortable. I got a message just the other night that she was snuggled on the couch with Cash. This is the image I'm keeping close to me these days. Those two, with their bright blond hair, likely wrapped in blankets and wearing cute patterned socks, scared but optimistic in Colorado. It's so easy to fall in love with this family. 

As the days slowly pass, we wait on word from oncologists at the children's hospital. Until then, we fill our hearts with love and well-being for Cashill James and his baby brother Beau, resilient and beautiful mom, and forever strong Dad. 

I found a few photos of Cashill (now 4 years young) as a baby in Boulder that I wanted to share. He is so much fun.

Dear Cash, I am sending you all the warm thoughts, well-wishes, and good graces in the world your way. 

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