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Sunday, May 4, 2014

| trail tested: curry point, mount diablo |

It's been some time since we got our feet back on the dusty trails of the Bay Area. Ken was sick, I was sick, then it rained and now we're finally back to health and sunshine. Yesterday we took a hike through the wildflowers. It felt a little bit like we were walking in Switzerland (said sister & brother-in-law). The hills were the greenest of all greens, restoring faith in my favorite color. There were purple, white, red, and yellow flowers and the tallest grass that almost whistled in the wind. We saw maybe 3 other groups of folks on the trail. It was peaceful as peace can be, the perfect temperature for a moderate 4-mile hike, stroller-friendly (we brought Henry), and well worth the hour drive to the East Bay. I'll be back.

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