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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

| every once in a while, you need an escape |

When I think of an escape, I typically think of a far-away land with little cell service, warm sand, and unlimited piña coladas. While that sounds great, that also sounds expensive. 

Last weekend marked the unofficial start to summer, so Ken and I took an unplanned (and affordable) 'escape' through our own city. We spent the day exploring one niche neighborhood to the next, all the while shopping and sipping on pour-over coffees. We walked through a handful of different indie boutiques, bookstores, and shoe stores. I picked up more paper goods than I'll ever know what to do with and relished in the seemingly empty city (since the rest of San Francisco was escaping the expensive way). 

All the way up until Monday we played outside and even walked the miles over the Golden Gate Bridge just so we could get to the other side to hike. I'm pretty sure we beat the car traffic by foot. 

Now it's Wednesday and while I'm fighting off a bad cold, I get to do so with bug-fighting goodies we picked up from the farmer's market on Sunday. 

Happy hump day. 

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