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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

| reading is sexy |

There's a [very small] part of me that loves bumper stickers -- they're are unfailingly cheesy, sometimes thought-provoking, and always an unexpected glimpse into the driver's personality, wanted or not. One of my favorite bookstores in Boulder had a collection of bumper stickers at the front check-out stand. As can be expected, I was the customer holding up the line because the bumper stickers were just.that.interesting. If I happen to put a bumper sticker on my whip, you can bet it will be the above one. 

I am a self-proclaimed book nerd. Right now I'm reading David Sedaris' "Me Talk Pretty One Day." I heard he was funny and I wanted to laugh more. 20 pages into the book last night and I was undoubtedly keeping both Ken and the cat awake with my laughing. If that's not nerdy, I'm not sure what is. 

I love reading. I love the stained yellow pages of the book I am reading right now. And the funky smell because I picked it up at the Goodwill. I love folding the spine and making bookmarks from receipts. I love thinking about who had the book before me. Meanwhile my kindle sits with low battery in the drawer of my bedside table.

My friend, neighbor, and reading confidant - Rachel - and I have started trading books. I share with her a book I've read and liked and she does the same. It's an affordable and fun way to spice up your in-home library. You should try it. Another resource for reading [drumroll please] is the library: an entire building containing collections of books for borrow. Who would have thought, huh? I visited the local library -- an entire two blocks from my apartment -- just a few days ago and discovered an impressive selection of hardbacks, periodicals, biographies, New York Time's 'best sellers', etc. You should really try this one. 

I establish an immediate bond with the girl carrying a book in her crowded purse, the person standing up on the bus with a heavy-paged hardback, the mom at the park with a book and a stroller, and the shop owner reading in between sales. 

Reading looks good on you. 

Buy it. Rent it. Borrow It. Read it. You won't be disappointed.

Books on books on books. And wine.

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