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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Steep Transition... But, I Got This

My alarm this morning was nearly fatal. As was my 6:30am shower and bus ride downtown without a fair amount of coffee. I'm not used to this whole 'work' thing. Yes, I'm glad I have a job and a desk with a fancy window, my own phone line and a thick stack of business cards, but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't feel homesick for the days I was unemployed.

I should want this and I should be really excited. Instead I feel a little bit like crying but I don't really have much reason to do so. Except that I'm particularly hormonal and, well, I started a new job today. That's no easy feat, right? Oh, and I miss my little nephew like woah. [Corresponding photo below].

It's real. He's that cute.

Most everything feels foreign -- from the e-mail platform we use and the office's seating arrangements, to the snacks in the kitchen and the (maybe fake?) plant next to my computer. Note: foreign doesn't necessarily mean bad.

Bottom line is as follows: Who will I be friends with? Will I be good at what I do? How long w/ ill I be here? Is this what I am supposed to be doing? Do I have to eat lunch aloneWhen will I have time to exercise? Do you think I've had too much coffee?

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