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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quick Rant (because it's Wednesday and I can)

I have an enormous pet peeve of people who are on their phones while you are hanging out, having dinner, holding a conversation, grabbing coffee, watching a movie, etc. Despite the fact that it makes my skin crawl, I am guilty of it, too. It's one of my many resolutions to be on my phone less, especially and most importantly, while in the company of others. 

When I am talking to someone and they are focused on their phone, text message conversations, and social media networks instead of my conversation, I can't help but feel totally disregarded. Unfortunately this rude practice has become just that -- a practice. We've engrained the cell phone into our daily routine. I want to rid myself of this patterned behavior. 

On the bright side of things, I even feel traces of digital detox after a yoga class where I'm in a studio with absolutely no trace of cell phones. Just me and my mat. I'll do more of that this year.

Watch the below video. It will make you feel uneasy. 

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