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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Twenty Four


Today is my last day as a 24-year-old. I had to work late, my feet hurt, and I'm ready for a drink -- or 3. If that doesn't sum up my last year being 24, I'm not sure what else will. 

I'm ready for 25. I think. I'll be even more ready when I leave the bar tonight. 

Come 25, I'm looking forward to opening a savings account and depositing more into it than a meager $40 at the first of the month, establishing an efficient and easy-to-follow face wash routine at night, recycling, getting a haircut, driving around San Francisco without navigation, and visiting a a part of the US I haven't yet been too (exact location TBD). Adult things. 

Above all else I'm looking forward to celebrating -- with the world'a most wonderful, brilliant and beautiful friends, a hunky, smart, and totally adoring boyfriend, and a family that makes blowing out candles more fun then riding a roller-coaster on repeat. 

With that, I wish myself a happy birthday! 

Kate Spade says so.

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