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Monday, February 24, 2014

| weekend rewind |

I fell asleep last night smiling in light of my weekend, which consisted of sour beers at Fat Angel, a sunshine-filled hike through the Presidio/our backyard in San Francisco, a birthday celebration in the green hills of Petaluma, and a brunch turned all-day-barbecue at a favorite couple's new Haight neighborhood apartment. 

Here I am battling through Monday and reminiscing on my weekend past!

Much lusted Kinfolk Table.

Party in the back.


Flowers + beer. 
Lights on. 
A Sunday well-spent with Buster + Gertie.
Our Presidio backyard.

Inspiration at an antique store.
The world's greatest collection of National Geographic.

Looking for goats. And cows. And deer.

Petaluma, CA.

If you say so.

A little tease-of-summer centerpiece.

Brunch at Sparrow.

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