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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

| it is what it is |

I hate disappointing people. Also, I'm really sensitive. 

There. I said it. Post over. 
- - - -

K. I'm going to keep writing. Only because I'm still waiting for the bus and typing on my phone keeps my fingers warm. Hey, June in San Francisco - fix yourself. 

Nobody is perfect so it's time we stop faking that we are. Am I right? There are limitations to one of my favorite sayings "fake it till you make it." I just haven't figured them all out yet. But, here's what I've learned at 25:

I said here is what I've learned, not necessarily how I do. 
  • If you make a mistake -- and lord knows you have, and are going to continue to make, a shit ton of mistakes -- there's a polite period of grudge. I tend to dwell. Because of it, I have a rule: give yourself 12 hours, maybe 24. Then, let it go. 
  • Put things in perspective. What's the worst that could happen? If that doesn't happen, you're in the cool. Is the world still spinning? Did anyone die? Are your nails painted? Your 'crisis' ain't so bad, you see?
  • Apologize. Make right. Then, move on. I call this failing forward

If all else fails, drink. If you're not into alcohol (we're probably not friends), look at pictures of puppies and baby pigs. They're soooo cute. 

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