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Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Hi Web world. Yesterday, I quit my job. Today, I did an online yoga video and baked banana bread from scratch. It's day 1 of unemployment and so, like any other jobless being, I started a blog. Here is where I will chronicle my days without a job. 

I am experiencing moments of great highness and then, fleeting (but powerful) moments of panic. These moments of panic include anything related to my wallet/bank account/Comcast bill/rent in 6 days/dinner tonight. But, the moments of highness are led by showers at noon, naps at 3:30, a makeup-less face, cheap bottles of red wine and a game of Catch Phrase with friends, take-n-bake pizza, and a greater appreciation for all the lovely that exists around me. Like, my cat. He's lovely. He's also royally confused as to why I am home and have not yet put pants on. (It's nearing sunset). 

With this time, I am going to photograph more. And write. Because this is what I have my degree in: Writing. I am also going to discover new music, walk to the water in the middle of the day, clean out the refrigerator and sell the clothes I don't wear anymore. Notice how each of these 'to-dos' will not cost me anything. This was strategic as I am now living without a (steady) income, because, well, I made this choice. 

I will also look for jobs. 

In short, I am learning to be poor. This is coming to you from someone who is very comfortable spending money. I love a cup of coffee to-go, a new pair of jeans, fresh and organic produce from the farmer's market, a fancy bowl of San Francisco ramen, a shiny pair of flats, tickets to the Sundance movie theatre on a Friday night, a warm knit scarf, another designer bag, a new pair of socks, a winter jacket,.... You get it. My debit card is soon to feel neglected. It scares me too, little plastic pal. 

Quitting my job was a quick little bit of hell, but now I am back on the road to figuring out what I want to be when I grow up and I am going to have fun doing just that, cheaply.  

L, Sam

Today's Balance: $12.96 (toilet paper, baking soda, vanilla extract, sugar, eggs)

An apartment-friendly reminder to stay sunny.
Local cafe, new office.
This guy.

Today's to-do's.

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