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Sunday, October 27, 2013

| sunday without the blues |

I'm learning to appreciate the smaller (ie. less expensive) things in life like sitting on my couch with a cup of homemade pour-over coffee pretending to watch football. Meanwhile I am contemplating what color to paint my fingernails next. I'm thinking plum, maybe something like Revlon's Vixon

Such simplicity on a Sunday is so foreign to me. This time last week I was glued to my computer screen drafting a marketing plan for a campaign I was introduced to only a few hours prior. I'm not proud to be unemployed, but, it's important for me to occasionally recall the feelings of captivity I had working for a start-up. Takeaway: I am not a start-up girl. 

I'm ending the pity party now. Thanks for coming. 


Real talk starts now. Let's talk about Fall. October in San Francisco is full of fake spider webs, thick fog, carved pumpkins, tall socks and peacoats. And I love it. Today Ken and I explored Sunday Streets on our bikes and weaved through costumed dancers, toddlers on skateboards, produce stands from local farmers, and even a rollerblading Tigger the Tiger.

It's time to be happy again.

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