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Thursday, October 31, 2013

| trick or treat |

I can promise you this is my first Halloween I've spent still in my pajamas at 10am the morning of. I didn't even fall asleep in my orange undies. TMI for a blog post? 

I was that girl in high school that took it seriously when her friends suggested they wear costumes to school. I, of course, didn't think this just meant cat ears and a fake fur tail because that's boring. Nope. I was that girl in high school that got out of her car and walked to first period in a jumpsuit cow costume, complete with udders. I was naked under that costume, and so, stuck a cow all day! 

In college I went even further. I braved the snow in wedgie-inducing pleated shorts and knee-high socks, dressed as a nerd late for class. Another year I planned my Lady Gaga costume months in advance and went out beaming Halloween night in an asymmetrical and metallic dress with a long blond wig that made my head itch. I was even a deep-sea diver one year and paraded around town in a kid's blow-up pool wearing a bikini, outlandish and oversized goggles, and flippers.

I went through my tagged photos on Facebook so I could provide you with corresponding images, but instead I spent 45 minutes de-tagging myself from horribly embarrassing shots. 

Moving on. 

I was sad when I woke up this morning because I am not involved in workplace dress-up or participating in party-time costume competitions, but, I had a few people this morning (thanks Caroline, thanks Ken) remind me that it's ok. With this I leave you to finish my pumpkin scone and cover letters. 

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