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Saturday, November 2, 2013

| life as it is |

I need to slow down. I also need to develop a rhythm to accompany this slower pace of life. I'm learning (albeit slowly) to appreciate the beauty in the little things and to not overextend myself. 

This morning I slept in because I can. I woke up to a latte delivery (thanks Ken), cleaned the surface of my computer, browsed my favorite blogs, and listened to French music. See, this life ain't so bad. 

That's just the thing -- I must keep reminding myself that This. Is. Life. My job search is only temporary. 

Here is a list of the things I appreciate right now:

  • The local Goodwill's bookshelf where all books (hardback included) are $1.99
  • Henry, the world's most beautiful baby nephew
  • San Francisco's 70 degree November (Also: it is November)
  • My parents (and not just because they read this blog), but because they are supportive. No parent wants an unemployed kid, but, right now they've got one and they still pick up my phone calls. Thanks for the year supply of toilet paper, Mom. And the brownie bites. They are sooo good. 
  • AMC's The Killing [WARNING: this show is highly addictive and may result in a loss of a nighttime social life]
Books for cheap.
My sweet babe, Henry. Told you. He's the world's best.
View from a morning's run.

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