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Sunday, November 3, 2013

| christmas in walgreens |

Just because Halloween ended (I may or may not still be dressing up in costume), doesn't mean it's time to countdown till Christmas. Poor Thanksgiving is entirely left out when really it should be the most celebrated holiday -- family, gratitude, food, drink, pumpkin pie, flannels, food, freezing cold mornings, and food.

I walked into Walgreens last night to pick up shower essentials like face wash and soap and was entirely distracted by the daunting amount of red and green. There were stockings hanging at the end of each aisle. Santa slippers, garland, mistletoe, wrapping paper and ribbons and bows, candles that smell like cinnamon, candy canes, and Christmas music playing.

Don't get me wrong -- I'll warm up soon enough.

I love the holidays because it means frequenting the movie theatre, taking road trips to Carmel with no cell service, and drinking chai tea. I am reminded of all the joy that is footy pajamas, leftover turkey and cranberry sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving, my dad (barely) on the roof hanging lights and wreaths, my mom's bedroom becoming "Santa's workshop" overnight, Christmas cards in the mail from photogenic friends, my brother's newspaper gift wrap, gingerbread house building, and champagne.  

Considering my current employment status, my next post may be something along the sorts of "Gifts for Cheap."

Winter in Carmel, CA.

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