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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

| more pictures, less words |

Right now life is about making myself comfortable on the local coffee shop's blue bench, brunching with my big brother, developing an OCD-esque means of maintaing productive to-do lists, discovering and tasting bottles of red wine priced below $10, dining in with friends, drinking more water, running slower but for longer, and bike riding (because it's free to park). Oh, and applying for jobs. 

I'd write more but I am undeniably distracted by the smoochy couple sitting directly next to me. Instead, I'll share pictures of what I would have written about. 

A snapshot of Fall while walking my parent's pup.
Inspiration on the windows of J.Crew.
Brunch hosted by Dave + Dani.
Da boys. 
Bienvenidos al bruncheo! 
Back porch hideaway in the Mission.
A bike ride to Land's End.

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