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Friday, November 8, 2013

| message(s) in a drawer |

My favorite pea-green painted cafe down the street, The Village Market, is home to organic vegetables, the world's best morning buns, fancy drip coffee, and wooden community tables. I brought my computer with me to work on one of their blue benches this week. I was getting ready to leave when I opened one of the drawers at the table I was working at. Inside was a collection of handwritten notes, love letters, and quotes. I (and everyone else who had placed a letter in these drawers) was snoopy enough to read through the collection. Some of these notes were dated as far back as three years ago. I was giddy with surprise and immediately piled my workspace high with letters. I read every single note. Some were lonely, some were thought-provoking, some only contained silly drawings, and others were heartwarming letters from a parent to their child. 

An older gentleman (likely the shop's owner) caught me mid-read: "Ah! I see you've found the letters!" He laughed a proud laugh. People sitting at the tables nearby looked over and smiled. Some knew what he was referring to, others were confused. If not anything else, it was inspiration to write. 

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