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Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, Why You Gotta Do Me Like That?

Mondays are not the easiest, nor are they the most loved day of the week. In fact, they are a far cry from favorite. But on my bus ride home tonight, I'm thinking about what Mondays can be. The end of a Monday feels good. And if I can end this Monday with a run around the neighborhood, a glass of wine and painted nails then this whole far cry from the weekend thing won't be so heavy-breathed. 

This Monday was a whole lotta emails. Our Internet went out for a few minutes this morning and my entire office nearly collapsed. So did a little part of my soul after watching the staff's reactions. Right now my eyeballs burn a little bit from looking at the computer screen, but I think I established a method of organization that just might keep me on track in this new job. It involves reading all those emails I mentioned earlier. That, and a thermos of coffee, Nutella in my oatmeal (because it's Monday), and lip gloss. It helps. Try it.

This Monday also brings me closer to the delivery of several Christmas gifts via the glory that is online shopping.  

In an effort to retain just a littttlllee bit of this weekend, I've compiled a few of my favorite shots from Saturday and Sunday to share. For good time's sake, you know? 

Rudolph in GG Park.
The biggest oysters I ever did see eat.
Sam in a picture: chucks + the ocean.
Panorama by Ken.
The mistletoe is behind us.

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