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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two Thousand Thirteen

What. A. Year. 

I braved unimaginable pain with the loss of my brother, but I was able to stay strong because of my surviving family and select-best friends both near and far from home in San Francisco. I still have the note accompanied by an enormous delivery of sunflowers that my friend Caroline sent straight to my doorstep that week. 

I will forever be thankful for the love -- of all forms -- in my life. 

This year I traveled to Seattle and fell even deeper in love with the man I call my boyfriend, discovered new music, started practicing yoga again, got a matching tattoo with my mother, hand-wrote thank you notes, kept a journal, shopped at the local farmer's market most Sundays, read books on my way to work, left a job, quit the next job, and got another job that I think I'll love -- all within 3 months. This year I became an aunt. 

Next year I will do less of picking at my nails and more drinking of tea. I will continue to practice random acts of kindness every day. I will seek out live music events and then dance at them. I will spend more time with my beautiful parents. I will also drink less diet soda and more water, beat the Sunday blues with continued and impromptu day trips to the coast, learn to cook twice-baked potatoes, and frequent the library. 

For sendoff, I'll let you know that while financially on my own (mostly) this year, I still managed to obtain an increase on my credit line.  Thanks, Wells Fargo.

With that said, I am ready to cheers entirely to 2014. 

Mama Bear does San Francisco. 

Mama Bear does matching tattoos, too.

More of this.

Sweet Henry. My nephew.

It's the little things.

Christmas at home.


Beating the Sunday blues in bed.

My new hangout. 

December downtown.



It's here, now. 

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