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Thursday, April 3, 2014

| before bed |

Things I've done this week: filed my taxes (bleh), did a face mask, started a new book, walked to dinner instead of drive, and shaved my legs

Things I'm currently craving: a fur vest, a succulent for my desk at work, pink lipstick 

Things I plan to do tonight sometime soon: paint my nails, drink red wine, kiss my boyfriend, pet my cat

Things I want to do this weekend: go on a double date to eat somewhere fancy, clean my closet and sell some serious sh*t, road trip to a nearby coastal town to snack on oysters and saltines, visit Stern Grove in SF, make a smoothie with kale in it

The end. 

One more thing. I'm considering doing a 30 day blog challenge. That means I would write every day for 30 days straight. 

And, some photos. Because what's anything from me without some sort of photo/image/gif/emoji? 

My track.

My backyard.

Pretty print via Design Love Fest

Flowers on Hayes.

Sundays with Gabby.

Ben & book.

Back at the yard.

Go Giants!

Neighborhood walk + selfie

Dinner with Sarah means dinner with books, pants, and beer.

Then came lunch with Gertie, and again, my heart exploded.

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