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Friday, April 18, 2014

| personal pep talk |

I recently found myself pretty turned-off by my own attitude. I was in the elevator heading to work on the 23rd floor and staring at myself in the mirrored walls when, by the time I got to the 18th floor, I told myself I had to get my shit together. I had makeup brush remnants on my face and looked like a frump in my oversized t-shirt and dirty jeans. The reality is I'm healthy, I have a job that pays my San Francisco rent, I have really fucking awesome friends, a family full of goofs, love, and disfunction, and while I may not have a plan lined up for the future, I do have dots there. I just need to connect them. Just like that, sh*t ain't so bad.

Sometimes you just have to curl your hair, read a new magazine, plan a weekend road trip, buy yourself a kombucha, and turn your music up a little bit louder.

So, I'm feeling pretty good now. Check back in with me on Monday...


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