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Sunday, April 13, 2014

| trail tested: china camp |

I have my cozy socks on right now, an oversized sweater, and I'm wrapped in two blankets (+ one cat). What better time to write you?

Yesterday we went hiking across the bay in San Rafael. The place was called China Camp State Park. While they don't allow dogs, they do have horse, human, and bike friendly paths. We ended up walking for nearly 10 miles (!). Some parts were pretty steep, and all of it was rocky, but we got to pass by giant turkeys, baby deer, wild ferns and crazy live moss. Note to self: if you're going to keep doing these hike things every weekend, you should probably invest in some proper shoe wear (i.e. not cute Nikes with close to zero traction).

We made it to the top of the ridge just long enough to get sunburnt and declare our next stop would involve beer.

Next week's edition of 'Trail Tested'? Location not yet known. Suggestions welcome.

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  1. "wrapped in two blankets (+ one cat)" -- I miss Benjamin. Levi is currently contributing to my blanket status right now. He has some more growing to do though to catch up with Ben's blanket-size body.