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Saturday, March 21, 2015

| home improvement |

Ken and I live in a tiny place. But, it's a sweet tiny place and even sweeter when it's clean and organized. While I struggle every day to channel my inner minimalist, Ken helps keep me on track, because, no, I don't need another black carry-all shoulder bag or pair of ankle boots, and one more jacket will no doubt cause the clothing rack to topple (maybe on top of our cat).

To contribute to our apartment's sweetness, we recently invested in several house plants (pictured below). My favorite is the Burrito Plant. Of course Ken and I picked the Burrito Plant, of all the plants in the nursery. There's something about inviting something living and green into your home and promising you'll care for it. I love nature so it only made sense that we'd invite nature to live inside our lil' shack, too.

We also invested in real furniture. This means we let go of the plastic. Picture this: we had a plastic shelving unit ON WHEELS that housed all of our electronic counterparts. This plastic unit had no backing so the tangled mess of wires that we attempted to clamp with more plastic twist ties was painfully visible. I convinced Ken to go to Target with me. (He avoids department stores at all costs). We left with several wood pieces of furniture. Now we live like people who have graduated college should live.

I'd be lying if I said we weren't lusting for a bigger place. But until our wallets can afford us the move, we'll be making the best of our tiny space.

said Burrito plant.

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