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Friday, June 5, 2015

| a heart of gold |

Ken and I moved into our shoebox of an apartment in October 2013. Little did we know that in November 2013, we would meet our Uncles.

If you haven't had the opportunity to cram into our crowded home, you should know that our living room window is approximately 3 yards away from the neighboring building. I'd like to justify the enormous chunk of change we fork over on the 1st of each month with the fact that we have a bay-window view of the Presidio, but really we just have a view of the paint-chipped fire escape and our next door neighbor's home office.

That next door neighbor is actually two next door neighbors. Inside that aforementioned home office is the most wonderful couple of them all. One blessed evening, David and Ronny were outside splitting their time between the different families on our block. I knew who they were, because, well, the home office. We had just finished our grocery shopping, so naturally I walked right up to them with a bag of potato chips and introduced myself. We've been family ever since.

Just about a month ago, Ron had a heart attack. The doctors told David he wasn't going to make it. When David called, I immediately started sobbing. But, in true angel-like form, Ron (and his heart of gold) pulled through. Together he and David are living life, one step at time, in a cabin up north near the Russian River. Ken and I are taking a trip up the river this weekend to pay them a long overdue visit, and I can't wait.

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