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Friday, August 21, 2015

| savoring the last sweetness of summer |

I start graduate school in three days. There, I said it.

I'm nervous. And anxious. And a little bit excited (I think?). Yes, I'm really excited! So, uh, what do I wear on the first day of school? For real. I never thought I'd be planning for this outfit again. Do I wear a backpack? Bring a lunch? Of course I bring a lunch, I have no dollars to buy lunch. What if I get lost trying to find my classroom? I'll figure it out. I'm in graduate school now. I have to figure it out.


Last week I travelled to Carmel.  I soaked up as much sunshine as humanly possible, wore a bathing suit to breakfast and didn't change till after sunset, purposely neglected my makeup, avoided using hot tools on my hair, hiked until my hamstrings ached, read all the novels, wrote, didn't shop, made dinner for Mom and Dad and shared ice cream cones for dessert, went to bed early and slept in late, paddle-boarded and kayaked, listened to Van Morrison and stargazed at night. My parents built heaven in house-form. It's seriously beautiful.

I even found sunflowers that towered to at least 9 feet tall. Rows of them! I had to stand on my tippy-toes (in my hiking boots, picture me that) to reach the tiptops with my camera. It wasn't the most graceful, but at least I got a shot. Right, Instagram?

Summer, you've been so good and so full of live music, sunburns, and saltwater. Thank you.

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