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Sunday, November 15, 2015

| west coast craft, winter 2015 |

This year's West Coast Craft happened, and it was magic. The oh-so-San-Francisco fair hosts hundreds of hipster-approved, homemade and hand stitched goods at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center. It's like a giant warehouse of perfectly pictured prints, overpriced, kitchen-fancy linens, clay coffee cups, dainty gold, white gold, and rose gold jewelry, turquoise I-have-to-haves, minty-gin cocktails, candles that smell like the a sweet pine forest, and soaps that make me want to bathe four times a day despite the drought. Also, I wasn't sure it was possible to fall in love with a leather fringe keychain until I walked (er, shopped) the festival.

I met Maria Schoettler, pined over her 2016 local produce calendar (pictured below), and added her plant postcards to my holiday wish list. 

I circled Aleksandra Zee's three-dimensional wood shop wonderland more times than I can count on my hands, marveled at her wooded succulent trays, gold-adorned displayed, and her blue sheen leggings (because who can pull those off?), and seriously contemplated asking her how she makes her hair so perfect. She's the most beautiful woodworker you'll ever lay your lucky eyes on. I have a piece from her indigo collection in my living room that I will never let go of. 

Then I fell in love with Nicolette Peterson of Beach Bones jewelry. It took me half a second to decide to buy one of her delicate treasures of a necklace. It's long and perfect and made of a bone-colored stone that I will wear with everything, and probably to bed, too. 

proof: soap that smells like the forest.

pictured: the most perfect tulip vases + more adorable-ness

those earings on the bottom? i want them. i want them all.

There's so much talent in this little city of mine. 

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